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Soothe Spa offers the perfect hideaway for rejuvenating your body and mind


Whether you are looking for a little relief from your day to day stresses, a gift for a loved one or a way to celebrate a special occassion, Soothe Spa is committed to providing you with a quality spa services every time you visit.


Our amenities are designed with your complete comfort in mind. Our staff finds gratification in your relaxation and rejuvenation. Our goal is to provide you with a truly unsurpassed spa experience.

Spa FAQs

A spa offers many wonderful treatments that you may want to take part in. Many people pass up the opportunity for this wonderful experience because of questions or are too embarrassed to go in and see what they are all about.


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Spa Etiquette Guide

The Etiquette Guide is here for your comfort, convenience and care.


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Our Products

when it comes to the best, we've got you covered

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Sanítas means good health in Latin. And that is exactly what Sanítas products do: create healthy skin by enabling cellular processes at the deepest tissue levels.  Sanítas Skincare products are formulated, manufactured and distributed from our corporate offices located in the foothills of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.


H2a; Infusing life with herbs since 1989. Herbal Heart Apothecary represents skincare with a conscience. Inspired by Hildegard we bring the rituals of old to life through botanically infused skincare. Hand poured in the mountains of Colorado, H2a products are formulated to repair and regenerate skin in harsh climates. Our ingredients are all natural, organic & responsibly sourced. Experience the Apothecary at home.


Packed with luxe hydrators, natural anti-agers, opulent organics and probiotic peptide rich actives with clinicals. Up to 98% organic. Ideal for people with sensitivities (chemical, eczema, psoriasis), people going through serious health challenges (chemo, radiation), people who don't like aroma, and moms-to-be.


Packed with luxe hydrators, natural anti-agers, opulent organics and probiotic peptide rich actives with clinicals. Up to 98% organic. Soft, gentle aromas, beloved by people with scent sensitivities. Beautiful in design, gentle enough for the treatment room, but sophisticated enough for every day wear. Each aroma is beautiful on its own but easily mixable to create a bespoke aroma. Mix any products, any scents, without clashing. Perfectly compatible.


PEAK 10 SKIN® is a skincare and sunscreen line that elevates skin health and hydration to new heights with pure, clean, active ingredients.  The company is based in beautiful, Breckenridge, Colorado where natural beauty is abundant but where weather and natural elements can prove harmful to skin.  PEAK 10 SKIN products contain high levels of active ingredients that are not diluted with lots of fillers.  Simply put, we give you more of the 'good stuff'!  All products are paraben FREE, cruelty FREE and gluten FREE!


We are a pure essential, organic healing blend crafted by hand with the intent of offering a path for those who seek holistic wellness.